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Thunderstorms, windy weather, snowstorms and extremes in temperature can all affect the health of trees on your property. Adverse and extreme weather conditions may cause a tree to fall over, may cause major breakage of limbs, may cause a tree to fall atop a roadway, fence or other structure, or may uproot a tree and cause it to lean dangerously or expose its root system, creating a safety hazard for both pedestrians and traffic. In any of these cases, you need to call for emergency tree service before anyone is hurt or you are facing a lawsuit for damages.


Alfaros Tree Expers EmergencyService provides range of actions that can remove fallen trees, remove dangerously exposed tree root systems and stumps, lift leaning trees that are not totally uprooted back into position so they can continue growing, and the removal of broken, overgrown or damaged tree limbs.


After a storm, remember to call Alfaros Tree Experts for storm cleanup for trees and debris. Our debris cleanup team can take care of all of the trash and damage that may be left behind after a storm has hit. 

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